Will Your Family Contest Your Will?

The Howland Estate is a fascinating historical will contest. This case characterizes the bitter legal battle that can occur when dividing up assets after a loved one dies. For more details about the case, click on the link https://robertbancroft.com/the-most-famous-will-contest/

Although contested wills are not new, they are likely to become much more common in the future. Demographics and economic conditions are converging to drive up the number of probate disputes and will contests. The Baby Boomers, many of whom have accumulated wealth, are aging. At the same time, many members of the younger generation are facing economic hardship. Unfortunately, this situation too often creates incentive for younger people to selfishly attempt to manipulate aging relatives. A manipulator could pressure an aging relative to change a will or life insurance beneficiary designation, or could ask to be added to a deed or bank account as a joint tenant with full rights of survivorship. When such a change benefits the manipulator while disadvantaging others in the family, a nasty legal battle is likely to follow.

Unfortunately many parents in their 50’s and 60’s today will ultimately be remembered in the family by the terrible legal troubles their final will and testament created. I can help you take steps now to prevent this from happening.

For more information, click on the link https://robertbancroft.com/practice/wills-and-revocable-living-trusts/

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