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Contesting a Will or Trust

A will contest is the legal term for challenging a will or trust. It is a dispute between family members or others who were close to the person who created the will or trust. A will contest can involve:

  • A disagreement about the interpretation of the will or trust
  • A challenge to the competency of the person who died
  • A question about whether the person who died was unduly influenced when he/she created or changed the will or trust

When can you contest a will or trust?

You have a good case for contesting a will or trust if some or all of the following are true:

  • You feel you have been wrongfully disinherited.
  • You believe your family member may have been incompetent, senile or manipulated when he or she created or changed the will or trust.
  • You think someone else who was seeking personal financial gain may have unfairly influenced your family member.
  • There are facts to support your case.

How I can help you

I have personally spent more than 30 years helping family members resolve disputes over wills and trusts. I have handled cases from Harrisville, to Bad Axe, to Ann Arbor, to Newago, and many cases in Genesee and Oakland counties. For more information about some specific things I can do to help you contest a will, click on the following link:

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